ARC - Windows & Mac TRIAL version

ARC - The APCExtender

ARC - The APC40 Extender is a custom patch running as middleware that extends your Akai APC40 mkII to it's theoretical maximum number of MIDI channels.

Offering 640 clip trigger, 144 faders, 256 user definable pots with a simple user interface and user selectable templates and colours, this patch for Mac and Windows encourages you to rethink the use of your controller.

For us to allow you this extra functionality we have utilised three of the (in our estimation) lesser used buttons on the controller. The [PLAY] / [RECORD] and [SESSION] buttons now cease to operate as they used to.

IF these buttons are essential to your day to day use, please do download this trial patch and give it a go and let us know if there is anything we can implement to ease this (we have a new version in development that returns control of these buttons to everyone!).

Once run, the player resides in your taskbar next to the clock on both Mac and Windows OS's.

The TRIAL version will run for 20 minutes at a time in any one session.

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ARC - Windows & Mac TRIAL version

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